6010 Oak Rail
6010 Plowed Oak Rail


4010 Oak Newels 34"
4014 Oak Newels 48"
4015 Oak Newels 62"
G Style Oak Newel 48"
J Style Oak Newel 48"
K Style Oak Newel 48"

7010 Oak Cap with Easing
7011Oak Quarter Turn
7012 Oak Up Easing
7013 Oak Over Easing
7014 Oak Up Easing 90 Degree
7019 Oak Open Cap
7020 Oak Tandem Cap
7021 Oak Quarter Turn with Cap
7030 Oak LH Volute
7035 Oak RH Volute
7081 LH Gooseneck 2 Riser
7086 RH Gooseneck 2 Riser With Cap
7088 Goose 1 Rise With Tandem Cap
5015 Primed (31",34",36",39",41",45")
5015 Oak (31",34",36",39",41")

Oak Oval Rosette
Brass Tone Wall Rail Brackets
Brushed Nickle Wall Rail Brackets
Baluster Bolts
5" Newel Bolts 
Special Order Rail:
6210, 6710,6910
4075 Newel - Oak and Poplar
 with neck mould & Base
4091 Newel - Oak and Poplar

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Stairs and handrails play an important part in any home. They provide you with a safe and reliable way to get to various levels of any building, and when designed, built, and installed by our seasoned experts here at The Stair Store, they can help transform the look and feel of your home adding to its value.

All of our stairs are custom made according to your specifications, CAD drawings, and field verification in our 20,000 SF Plant to ensure quality, save time on-site and reduce job site waste

We use screws VS nails in all our stairs during construction providing stability, durability, and preventing squeaks over the life of your staircase. This is reinforced with the use of proper adhesives with installing anti-squeak blocks to strengthen each tread.

We currently stock most standard handrail parts in Red Oak and Primed. Working closely with our vendors we can also supply any wood species and custom make any profile you or your customers need.

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